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Fee Information:

Why Pay a Large Up-front Retainer?

If we believe you have a meritorious claim
against your investment advisor,
we charge no fees
until we obtain a successful recovery.

You Do NOT have to Pay More to Work with the Best!

Investors Recovery Service's  track record is that approximately 80% of our claims settle and the remainder that go to hearing are won about 60% of the time. In other words,  92% of the cases we take on either settle or are won in hearings.

This record is based on over 1000 cases since 1991 -
no one else has the depth of experience we have in helping aggrieved investors recovery their money!

Our Clients win over TWICE the average recovery
 as the national average of PIABA attorneys.

By working with Investors Recovery Service, You are much more likely to achieve a monetary reward AND our fees are among the lowest in the industry, so you get to Keep More of What we Recover! 

If you do not get paid, WE do not get paid.  It's that simple!

We currently are involved with individual customer claims that range from as little as $15,000 to as high as $10,000,000. What is important is that the claim is meritorious, and that the brokerage firm acted out of conformity with customary industry rules and practices.

On average, we obtain arbitration awards for our clients that are more than twice what the national average is for PIABA attorneys.

Nationally, PIABA attorneys have an average recovery of  13.6%*. Please keep in mind that this number represents all claims that went to hearing, all winners and all losers combined. It is also less than half of what Investors Recovery Service obtained for its clients in arbitration since 1991.

So, if you are thinking that you need an experienced PIABA attorney, think again. Our experience and our results suggest larger settlements and larger arbitration awards. It's your money - select wisely who to trust because you only get one chance in arbitration.

*Source: "Mandatory arbitration of securities disputes: How investors fare". By Edward O'Neal, PhD and Daniel R.Solin

There is no fee to review a potential claim. We will spend whatever time is necessary, at our expense, to insure that we have carefully evaluated the reasons behind your losses, and every realistic avenue of recovery.

For the cases we take on, Investors Recovery Service (IRS) normally charges 29 - 34% of the total funds collected.

No Recovery, No Fee options are typical for most cases.


Investors Recovery Service
is not a law firm

Investors Recovery Service
2 Commercial Blvd. Suite 203 Novato, California 94949

Phone: 415-382-7898  Toll-Free: 800-285-8507 Fax: 415-382-9421

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