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Make sure your Securities Arbitration Expert has All the Skills Necessary to Collect
the Money You Deserve!

Choosing the right professional firm to represent you in securities arbitration or mediation can make the difference between obtaining a satisfactory settlement or award or little to no recovery at all.

Many firms (including law firms) have recently emerged as so-called experts in securities arbitration. In reality, these firms are simply capitalizing on the recently publicized stock market excesses, and will likely vacate this industry once the majority of customer claims have been filed. On the other hand, Investors Recovery Service has represented abused investors since 1991, and will continue focus solely on securities arbitration and investment fraud recovery today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future. Investors Recovery Service is not a law firm; we are securities industry arbitration experts.  Each of our clients are represented by an experienced securities industry professional with extensive experience in investment loss recovery and an experienced securities attorney - all with no up front fees or retainer!

As we go up against securities attorneys in arbitration we have learned that some are very good while others are not so good and make up for their lack of knowledge by obstructing the process and engaging in unethical conduct themselves. You need a Representative who is a fighter, one who knows the facts, understands and can effectively explain to the Arbitrators how the industry is supposed to conduct its business, and knows when to speak up in order to protect your rights!

Often times “Experts” are brought in to quantify and argue the broker’s position. Our securities industry experience and knowledge permits us to effectively cross-examine these “Experts”, ask the right questions others might miss, and quickly separate fluff from substance. In an industry that relies extensively on oral, rather than written representations, witness credibility, or lack thereof, is paramount in order to obtain a successful recovery of your investment fraud losses in the securities arbitration process.

Our specialized industry knowledge, in conjunction with the vast network of information we have already acquired, or are able to acquire concerning various brokerage firms and their related business practices, help us to maximize the settlements and awards that our clients receive. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 IRS clients obtain a satisfactory settlement or arbitration award.

We can assure you that if we accept your case, it will be handled sensitively, efficiently, and competently. And perhaps, most importantly, we have made our services convenient and affordable. We serve investors in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in the entire state of California.  We also take selected cases from around the United States and Canada.


Investors Recovery Service
is not a law firm

Investors Recovery Service
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