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Breaking News!

Did you lose money at Bear Stearns?

Investors have been led astray by Bear Stearns execs. Bear Stearns management utterly failed to properly disclose the potential risk to their net worth on risky mortgage backed securities. They margined these securities with valuations that were not independently determined by the market place but by themselves. These mortgage related losses were not due so much to "illiquidity" as they like to say, but by greed and lies. Click to read more about Bear Stearns losses.

Have you lost money in Commodities / Options??

We have filed several complaints over the last few months, where the losses are in the $100-200k range and the commissions are in the $50,000 to $100,000 range for people trading commodities options. (Learn more about options fraud.)

If you have suffered from this type of trading in your account, we may be able to help you recover your losses.  Please fill out the contact form to your right.

Did you get "Burned and Churned" by your Broker Dealer?

During the recent bull market, some of the smaller broker dealers have engaged in excessive trading in their clients accounts.  We have filed some complaints with with losses of $100,000 to $200,000 and total commissions of over $100,000!  If you think your broker excessively churned your account, please contact us immediately for a free, confidential consultation (Examples of smaller broker dealers are JP Turner, Joseph Stevens & Co. and Oppenheimer.)

Sub-Prime Lenders Stocks Crash.  Can you Recover Losses?

If you lost money in the securities of Accredited Home Lenders, Fremont General, Impac Mortgage, New Century, and Nova Star Financial we may be able to help you recover your investment losses. Please contact us right away for a   no-cost, confidential consultation.

 Joseph Stevens & Co.

We are currently representing several clients in cases involving misrepresentation, unsuitability, unauthorized trades, and excessive trading.   If you believe you may have been victimized by Joseph Stevens & Co we can help recover your investment losses."

See More Investor Fraud Alerts

Did you lose money with
the Madoff Fund Ponzi Scheme? 

Contact Us Now for Expert Handling of SIPC Claims.

Madoff Securities Hedge Fund Ponzi Scheme

There is already substantial confusion about SIPC’s role in the Bernard Madoff Hedge Fund scandal caused mostly by lawyers who smell money, but who have never actually represented a customer making a claim in a SIPC liquidation. Even lawyers with securities experience or with bankruptcy law expertise may not be the best people to ask for help, because SIPC liquidations are a very specialized proceeding.

We have successfully helped customers in other SIPC liquidations, and we are currently accepting claims in the Madoff Securities  matter as well.

And if your broker or investment advisor recommended you let Madoff manage your money, it may be better than you think! 
Click here for the details.

The essential difference between a liquidation under the Bankruptcy Code and one under the SIPC is that under the Bankruptcy Code the trustee is charged with converting securities to cash as quickly as possible and, with the exception of the delivery of customer name securities, making cash distributions to customers of the debtor in satisfaction of their claims. An SIPC trustee, on the other hand, is required to distribute securities to customers to the greatest extent practicable in satisfaction of their claims against the debtor.

Securities, what securities, you may ask? 

As with all Ponzi schemes, it appears that Mr. Madoff didn’t buy the shares in the market that he sold to the customers. That fact has led a lot of people to assume that, if the securities aren’t there, the customers will get nothing.

Not So Fast!

Customers whose paperwork we have reviewed have brokerage account statements from Madoff Securities indicating that they do indeed have shares in their accounts; shares sold to them by Madoff Securities.

The SIPC statute was intended to make certain that when a brokerage firm fails, and the vault, when opened has less shares than it is supposed to have, the customers don’t take the loss. SIPC has the authority to go into the marketplace and buy shares for the customers’ accounts, and to deliver those shares to the customers.

People who are already throwing in the towel on these claims, those being advised that “there ain’t no trade” don’t understand brokerage industry accounting.  No brokerage firm has to have the stock “in house” before it sells the stock to a customer.

A Madoff Securities customer has every right to rely upon the statements and confirmations they received. All customers of all firms have the right to rely upon the confirmations and statements that they receive. Think about how the markets would collapse if this latter statement wasn’t true. The SIPC statute doesn’t give the Trustee right to cry “mass do-over”.

The filing date of the SIPC action controls all valuations, which in this case is December 11, 2008. If you have a Bernard Madoff Securities brokerage statement that shows you had securities in your account on that date you should file a claim.

But, you should have us file the claim and correspond with SIPC.  If you do this on your own, it could be a disaster.

SIPC, like any insurance company, wants to pay out as little as possible. We will not give them any reason to do that to you, and there is much more you need to know, in order to protect your best interests.

Many of the people with whom we spoke are very worried about “clawbacks”, having the Trustee ask them to return funds recently distributed to them. It is probable that the Trustee will commence some “clawback” actions, but just as probable that he will make his decisions of whether or not to do soon a case by case basis. That is why you need a seasoned, experienced advocate in your corner. We will prevent a clawback from happening to you.

SIPC claims take expertise. Don’t hire someone who has never handled one, and who gets his “training” in this area on your claim. It could be the most expensive mistake you ever make.

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