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These are all authentic letters which are on file, but in some instances names have been changed or redacted in order to comply with confidentiality provisions.


It is clear that you know and have seen life and the world at its best and worst

After years spent trying to restore some sense of integrity, dignity, even normalcy to myself, my psyche, my sense of well being, the thought of putting myself under the glare of scrutiny was one of the hardest and most embarrassing, humiliating, things I have ever had to do. It was as though being victimized once wasn't enough - now I had to bring it, and myself, out into the open to reveal the dirty little secrets, the collusion, the negligence, the reenactment of the crime. There is nothing more  shameful and degrading than the feeling of helplessness at being attacked for stepping forward, speaking out, blowing the whistle.

In all the drama and demands of those days of hearings, I am sorry I never had an opportunity to know you and the depth of your feelings, observations,  and opinions. Naturally, you were my advocate, but your view of all you saw and heard was quietly, stoically  and philosophically expressed. Your thoughts on adversity touched me deeply since that is essentially what this exercise, this defining life moment was all about.

And finally, in this time of validation, I want to especially thank you for your own. With no model to follow and no blueprint to guide me, it  means a great deal to have someone of your experience, character and integrity acknowledge what, in many ways, was as valuable to me as the monetary award.

Suzanne Rickwal

Dear Richard,

I would like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks for the outstanding service your company provided on our behalf. The recovery of $143,000 will allow us to breathe much easier in our retirement years.

I would not have known such a service as yours existed had I not browsed through a newspaper during a week-end conference at Clear Lake. How glad I am I saw your ad! Even upon seeing your notice in the paper we were skeptical that it would really work for us. However, your research department did a great job and your dealings with the firm were done in a most skillful manner, and the end result was most gratifying for you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a job well done. If you ever need us for a reference do not hesitate to call.

Gratefully yours, Bill and Doris Wagner

Dear Richard,

Thank you!!

I am extremely pleased with the settlement, and extremely pleased with the way you represented me.

Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to everyone else in the office who may have participated behind the scenes.

Best regards,



Thanks for your expert advice and help with this issue.

Regards, Glenn


We find it extremely difficult to put into words our sincere thanks for your tireless efforts in helping us recover losses sustained recently. We thank you for your diligence and also your patience and kindness shown to us from our first meeting.

We are so grateful there are people like you who are willing to devote time and energy in helping misguided people taken in by unscrupulous stock brokers. Peace of mind is a nice feeling to have once again. We are so grateful to have found you and will highly recommend you and your staff to any and everyone.

Thank you again and again!

Bob and T.J. Parrett

Fight Back

After reading Lew Sickelmanís Jan. 16 article on real estate limited partnership losses I was encouraged to write.

In November 1987 I went to a financial planner in San Francisco, one who has given numerous free seminars in Marin. He placed a large amount of my retirement money in a REIT income IRA. By early 1991, all dividends stopped and in 1992, was virtually worthless.

About this time I happened on to an ad in the IJ which lead us to the Investors Recovery Service in Novato. Owner Richard Sacks presented my case before the National Association of Securities Dealers arbitration board. The judgment in my favor was a substantial amount.

Donít give up without a fight.

James Drummond, San Rafael, CA

Even though we lost, you provided us the best representation. You could not have done a better job. We appreciate all the effort you put on our behalf.

Clark Dedrick

Congratulations, I am elated at the settlement. Good work.

Bob Kratter

You do excellent work; weíre impressed and thank you.

Mike and Jean B.

Dear Tanya, Richard and Jim,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in recovering my funds from XX. Donít know what I would have done without your help

Donna Schwartz

Dear Richard,

I felt that you did an excellent job on his behalf. I donít mind saying that even though we were antagonists, I was extremely impressed with your professionalism and the manner in which you conducted yourself. There was one time where I lost my cool and made a derogatory remark, for which I later apologized. Iíd like to apologize again.

Good luck in your future endeavors. Your clients are well-served by you.

Herbert Greenberg
(this letter was sent to us by the broker we sued!)


Thank you for helping us. You may be assured I would have no hesitation recommending you should anyone else find themselves in trouble. Best of luck and happy new year.

Paul Beechen, Esq.

Thank you for helping us settle our loss for $450,000. This is more than we ever thought possible.

Dave Rodriguez

Dear Richard,

Thank you for representing us in my arbitration against XX. No attorney would touch my case unless I agreed to pay them $185.00 an hour with a substantial up front retainer. You were my only source for potential recovery of my life savings. Your representation of my claim at the arbitration hearing made it clear that the broker lied to me about the risks of the investment and then continued to lie to us concerning the declining value. I wish you the best of luck in your continuing battle against bad brokers such as these.



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