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10 Warning Signs
you may have a Problem with your stockbroker, financial planner or investment advisor.

  1. You lose more money than you thought you were risking.

  2. Investment losses negatively impact your retirement or or lifestyle

  3. Your broker won't return your calls

  4. Your broker is good at telling you what to buy, but not what to sell

  5. You are losing money in an IRA or retirement account

  6. Your broker has more excuses than ideas

  7. Your broker suggests an annuity for your IRA account

  8. "Risk" is never part of the conversation

  9. Your broker says it's "safe", but your gut says differently

  10. Your "investment professional" loses a lifetime of your savings

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Recover Stock Market Losses Due to Investment Fraud or Misrepresentation

  • Have you had substantial losses in the stock market?
  • Do you feel your broker has not had your
    best interests in mind?
  • Did you buy a risky investment without an
    explanation of the risk?

We may be able to help you recover your stock market or investing losses if you were mislead about the safety of your investment or if you feel your broker did not follow your instructions, even if outright fraud was not a factor. 

Contact us for a FREE initial review.

Arbitration awards for our clients due to stock broker fraud or misconductAt Investors Recovery Service, our objective is to provide professional, affordable representation for abused investors through negotiation and securities arbitration. Investors Recovery Service provides investors with knowledge and expertise in  the securities industry equal to that possessed by the brokerage firms to help you recover stock market losses due to investment fraud or stock broker fraud or misconduct.

If you have suffered from investment fraud or stock broker misconduct, we offer a free initial consultation and NO up front fees. If we feel the securities arbitration process can help you recover funds, we will pursue your case vigorously, and you will only pay us if we receive a settlement for you. Click here to learn about actual arbitration awards we have earned for our clients.

FREE Case Review:
You CAN Recover Cash from Stock Broker Fraud

Skilled and Experienced Securities Arbitration Experts

There is no fee to review a potential investment fraud claim. We will spend whatever time is necessary, at our expense, to insure that we have carefully evaluated the reasons behind your losses, and every realistic avenue of recovery of your losses due to stock broker or investment fraud....More

Investors Recovery Service has completed many hundreds of unrelated investor claims in securities arbitration since inception January 1991. A successful settlement or securities arbitration award has been attained for 9 out of 10 clients....More

We Will Maximize
Recovery of Your Losses

A Client Speaks Out

On average, we obtain arbitration awards for our clients that are more than twice the national average for PIABA attorneys.

Nationally, PIABA attorneys have an average recovery of  13.6%. Please keep in mind that this number represents all claims that went to hearing, all winners and all losers combined. It is also less than half of what Investors Recovery Service obtained for its clients in arbitration since 1991.

So, if you are thinking that you need an experienced PIABA attorney, think again. Our experience and our results suggest larger settlements and larger arbitration awards. It's your money - select wisely who to trust because you only get one chance in arbitration.  ....More

"Thank you for representing us in my arbitration against XX. No attorney would touch my case unless I agreed to pay them $185.00 an hour with a substantial up front retainer.

You were my only source for potential recovery of my life savings. Your representation of my claim at the securities arbitration hearing made it clear that the broker lied to me about the risks of the investment and then continued to lie to us concerning the declining value. I wish you the best of luck in your continuing battle against bad brokers such as these. "   

Read More Testimonials from our many satisfied clients.  Click Here

Breaking News Items

Did you Buy the UBS Willow Fund?

The problems associated with the UBS Willow Fund are discussed in a March 30, 2013 New York Times article entitled “If A Fund Turns On A Dime, Watch Your Dollars,” by Gretchen Morgenson.

The  Willow Fund was deviating into a strategy of CDS  (credit default swaps) speculation on the government debt of Spain or Greece.  It was a speculative investment and should only have been recommended to investors whose risk tolerance was identified as speculative and could afford the possibility of a total loss of their investment.

There are three tests to determine whether or not an investment recommendation was suitable  at the time it was made:
Number 1 is did the customer understand the risk?
Number 2, did the customer want to take the risk? and
Number 3, could the customer afford the risk?

Each of these three criteria must be in the affirmative in order to determine whether or not the investment recommendation was suitable.  Based on the above, if you believe that the recommendation to purchase Willow Fund in your account(s) was unsuitable, please contact our office in order that we may assist you in  determining whether or not an  investment loss recovery action would be appropriate for you to initiate. 

Did you lose money in the IMH Secured Loan Fund?  

Were You Told:

  • That the fund was safe?
  • That you could get at your principal, on demand, with 60 days notice?
  • That you would receive a 10-11% return?
  • And that IMH was dedicated to protecting your investment?

If so, please call us and learn how you may recover up to 100% of your principal through securities arbitration.

Did You Buy Medical Capital Corporation Notes?

Medical Capital Corporation sold more than $2 billion of its notes to investors. The proceeds were supposed to be used to purchase accounts receivables from medical providers like doctors' groups and hospitals.

In July 2009, the SEC closed this firm down and had a judge appoint a receiver for its business.

Investors Recovery Service is beginning to commence actions against the brokerage firms that sold these notes.

If you are a holder of any Medical Capital Notes, call us, as we our your best chance of obtaining a substantial recovery on these losses. Class actions will only yield a tiny percentage of your losses.

Click to Learn more about Medical Receivables fraud

Did You Lose money in bond funds,
particularly short term bond funds?

Many investors lost money last year in short term bond funds, as well as long term funds, because of heavy concentration in Non Agency Mortgage Backed Securities. In many instances, there was a concentration of well in excess of 50% of the fund's assets in these speculative securities. Many customers were told that these funds were safe, and some were even told that the funds were managed "to provide minimal changes in share price". Sometimes even as an alternative to a money market fund.

We can recover a substantial portion of your bond fund losses through securities arbitration. Please call or write for a no cost consultation.

What we will need from you is the name of the fund, the date(s) you purchased it, what you were told, how much you invested and the amount of your capital loss.

Did you lose money due to Rochester Fund Municipals

If your stock broker / financial advisor told you that these were safe funds, and you were a risk adverse investor, we may be able to recover substantially all of your principal losses.

While there are class action(s) claiming that the fund(s) made inadequate disclosures concerning its risks, the disclosures that we saw, made it clear to us that the brokers that sold this fund to risk adverse clients, were doing so at their own peril. The better claim and most likely to yield a substantial return of your principal losses is to take your broker to arbitration, rather than hope that the class actions yield a good result.

Read More about the Rochester Fund Municipials Class Action Lawsuit

Attention Wachovia and First Clearing customers:

Did your broker sell you risky investments even though you never wanted to take a lot of risk? Brokers are supposed to ask for a customer's risk tolerance up front, and only recommend investments that fit.
Wachovia and First Clearing recommended the risky investments that they wanted to sell, and then changed their records to
reflect that risk was what the customer wanted.

Read more about the Wachovia and First Clearing investment issues.

Did you lose money on Fanny Mae Securities?

Based on what we know about how Fanny Mae preferred stock was sold to the public, it is apparent that while Fanny Mae was redeeming its corporate bonds (backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Govt.) brokerage firms were selling a boat load of their preferred. As you learned the hard way, the preferred is not anything like their bonds. The problem is that brokers misled the public about the safety of Fannie Mae preferred stock.

If you were one of those that were misled about your investment in Fannie Mae preferred stock, we can help you recover these losses. The class action will likely get you just a few pennies on the dollar, probably between 5-10%, while we may get you ALL, 100% of your loss back, plus interest!

Bitten by a 1031 TIC?

If you own real estate as a Tenant in Common with a group of strangers; you got there with the help of a stock broker; and you are now watching the property suffer financial difficulties ... you are not alone. 


Have you lost money in Commodities / Options??

We have filed several complaints over the last few months, where the losses are in the $100-200k range and the commissions are in the $50,000 to $100,000 range for people trading commodities options. The reason why the commissions are so high is that in a bull market the clients often make money, but that is because they take small profits. When the eventual big loss comes, the broker does not have big profits to offset the big loss. That is why churning always ends up with the clients losing. These brokers do the opposite of what they are supposed to do, namely let your profits run and cut your losses short. 

If you have suffered from this type of trading in your account, we may be able to help you recover your losses.  Please contact us immediately for a free, confidential consultation.

Did you get "Burned and Churned" by your Broker Dealer?

During the recent bull market, some of the smaller broker dealers have engaged in excessive trading in their clients accounts.  We have filed some investment fraud complaints with with losses of $100,000 to $200,000 and total commissions of over $100,000!  If you think your broker excessively churned your account, please contact us immediately for a free, confidential consultation (Examples of smaller broker dealers are JP Turner, Joseph Stevens & Co. and Oppenheimer.)

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